BetteBack January 7, 1996: Jon Stewart Joins Cast Of “The First Wive’s Club”

Burlington Times News
January 7, 1996


I was really surprised when they canceled Jon Stewart‘s TV talk show. I thought he was great! What’s he going to do now?– S.G., Toledo, Ohio

Having the plug pulled on “The Jon Stewart Show” may be the best thing that ever happened to the 33-year-old former standup comic. Though his show crashed and burned after just IO months on the air, Stewart (real name: Jon I Stewart Liebowitz) currently is being bombarded with film offers he might never have been able to accept if he still was roped into a nightly TV gig. He recently completed his first big-screen role in the comedy “Wishful Thinking,” opposite Drew Barrymore.

This month, he joins Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn in the film “First Wives Club.” But his greatest coup so far may be the three year, six-picture contract Stewart signed with Miramax. A source close to the New Jersey native tells PARADE that he can’t quite believe his good fortune: “A lot of people threw in the towel on Jon after the show was canceled, so all of this is really wild. I think he’s still pinching himself

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