BetteBack July 9, 1996: The Romantic Side Of Dennis Farina To Come Out In ‘That Old Feeling’

Cedar Rapids Gazette
July 9, 1996


Dennis Farina gets to show his kinder, gentler, funnier side in the currently shooting “That Old Feeling” with Bette Midler.

Generally cast as a brutal cop or mobster, the cop-cum-actor is in Toronto performing his first lead role in a film.

The romantic comedy, being directed by Carl Reiner, has Farina and Midler playing a divorced couple now married to others who discover that feelings for each other still exist when they meet at their daughter’s wedding.

“It’s really been delightful,” reports Farina. “We do a lot of dancing in this movie and there’s a scene where there’s some singing going on. Of course, with Bette Midler around. I’m not singing.”

The actor, who co-starred in the recent films “Eddie” and “Get Shorty,” says he, Midler and Reiner are hoping “That Old Feeling” will do well at the box office. Beyond the obvious reasons, “so it might inspire somebody else to start writing for the older generation.

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