Vogue’s Carpool Karaoke celebrity wish list

Vogue’s Carpool Karaoke celebrity wish list
The Vogue team on who they’d like to see join James Corden in his hit segment Carpool Karaoke.
August 25, 2016


1. Beyoncé and Jay Z – “They would simply slay.” ”“ Danielle Gay, assistant editor Vogue.com.au

2. Spice Girls – “Just because a reunion may never officially happen, doesn’t mean they can’t join Mr Corden.” ”“ Lilith Hardie Lupica, associate editor Vogue.com.au

3. Romy and Michele – “Romy and Michele from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion with their rendition of Time After Time.” ”“ Monique Santos, market editor

4. Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn – “Diane Keaton, along with Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn, because 20 years later You Don’t Own Me still holds up as my favourite power anthem and I’d love to see the 2016 version.” ”“ Petta Chua, junior fashion editor

5. Drake – Mandy Alex, art director

6. Alicia Vikander – Danica Osland, bookings editor

7. Miley Cyrus – “Miley Cyrus would be an interesting one for Carpool Karaoke. Plus we might get some further insight into that wedding!” ”“ Remy Rippon, beauty editor

8. Kanye West – “Please do it.” ”“ Alice Birrell, fashion features and news editor

9. Victoria Beckham – “I would love to see Victoria Beckham in the car with James Corden. Not only would we get to hear her sing (something she hasn’t done publicly for a while) but her Vogue 73 questions is one of my favourites. She’s hilariously sassy and sarcastic in it, showing a side of her we should see more often!” ”“ Rebecca Shalala, editorial coordinator

10. Robert Smith – “Robert Smith from The Cure. I would love to see James get his inner-goth on. They would need to pick from the more up-beat tracks like High and Friday I’m in Love otherwise it might be a little down.” ”“ Rikki Keene, photography and casting director

11. Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie – “Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie, together. I mostly just want to be friends with them, but I also think they’d do a killer ballad together. Are squad duets a thing?” ”“ Francesca Wallace, online producer

12. Dolly Parton – “My favourite karaoke songs are Jolene and 9 to 5, so to see Dolly belting these out with the fabulous James Corden, plus the classic duet Islands in the Stream, would be as golden as her wig (if it fits in the car)!” ”“ Sophie Tedmanson, deputy editor

13. Justin Trudeau – “My absolute dream Carpool Karaoke scenario would be Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau singing Hall & Oates You Make My Dreams Come True so I could pretend if only for 60 seconds that my favorite politician was serenading me with my favorite song.” ”“ Erin Weinger, digital commercial editor

14. Emma Stone – “The coolest, the funniest, the best. Please be my best friend.” ”“ Zara Wong, fashion features and content strategy director

15. Guns N’ Roses – Heidi Boardman, digital art director

16. Ariana Grande – Alexandra Brown, online editor and features writer Vogue Living

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  1. I’m straining my memory here and I can’t find anything online regarding it but didn’t James Corden say some unfavourable things about Bette after one of the Royal Variety Galas?

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