Heartbreaking Civilian Crisis in Aleppo Draws Celebrities Support For Aleppo

Heartbreaking Civilian Crisis in Aleppo Draws Celebrities Support For Aleppo
By Gil Kaufman

Celebrities are voicing their support for the people of Aleppo, Syria, who are being evacuated from the war-torn city on Thursday. See how stars are reacting to the crisis below.

Aleppo has been at the center a fierce fighting for nearly years between those loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and rebels who have wanted to overthrow him. Since the war began in 2012, an estimated 400,000 civilians in Syria have been killed, and some 4.8 million have fled the country. Thousands more have gone missing and been injured.

Kris Jenner tweeted, “We must not ignore this crisis of humanity. My heart breaks for the people of Aleppo.” Khloe Kardashian similarly wrote, “There are no words that can explain the sadness I feel for the people of Aleppo,” adding, “This torture, this violence, this inhumanity, it has to stop.” “My heart cries for humanity… the feeling of helplessness… all lives matter, my prayers for #Aleppo,” Priyanka Chopra offered. And Jessica Chastainexpressed, “We are all connected. Your suffering is mine. Help to care for those in Aleppo and at the same time grow love in you.”

In an Instagram post, Madonna noted, “Pray for an end to the genocide in Syria! 100s of thousands of innocent children have been dragged into the meaningless brutality and violence of Aleppo.” “Feeling so sad & helpless about #Aleppo. What can we do? Please keep talking about it and please find a way to send more prayers,” wrote Christina Perri. And Bella Hadid said, “My heart is so heavy… How could it possibly be so bad?”

Ruby Rose tweeted, “We can donate, we can pray and we can speak and carry the messages of the fragments we know of what’s happening in Aleppo, but we need more.” Bette Midler offered, “The beautiful city of Aleppo is dead. Assad; butcher, monster, and optometrist, has murdered hundreds of thousands of his own as we watched.” And Pinkexpressed, “We cannot sit back and watch #Aleppo #Syria crumble.”

Gigi Hadid wrote on Twitter, “My heart is so heavy—Thoughts & prayers to the innocent victims in Syria. Help @shelterboxusa provide relief.” Hailey Baldwin urged, “please donate to the children of Aleppo.” Tracee Ellis Ross also told followers, “What’s happening in #Aleppo is so very heartbreaking. Here are ways you can help. #PrayForAleppo.”

Paris Hilton similarly tweeted, “My heart hurts to see what is happening right now in #Aleppo. Please spread the word & donate.” And Gillian Anderson noted, “Only days left to raise funds to build new children’s hospital in Aleppo. Please donate & RT.”

Katie Couric shared, “What’s happening in Aleppo right now is heartbreaking. @TIME lists ways you can help the people there.” Sophia Bush, too, posted an article on how to assist during the crisis, arguing, “If DJT is going to tweet insults at journalists & remain silent on what matters, then we have to make the noise.” They all join many other stars who have been voicing concerns and offering support over the last few months, weeks, and days.

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