BetteBack June 23, 1974: The Resurgence Of The Female Singer

Independent Press Telegram
June 23, 1974


In the last two or three years, women singers have begun to have hit records again, following a period dominated by British and American male rock groups.

Some well-known examples of this resurgence are Bette Midler, Helen Reddy, Joni Mitchell, Cher, and Anne Murray.

Now another woman has a gold album. She is Maria Muldaur, who has been on tour across the southern U.S. from San Diego to Atlanta lately.

In addition, her hit single, “Midnight at the Oasis,” has been near the top on both “easy-listening” and rock charts, and a second album is scheduled for release in August, according to Reprise Records.

Maria and her husband Geof Muldaur have a daughter, Jenny, 9. Maria, originally from New fork City’s Greenwich Village, now resides near Los Angeles, but she also maintains a home in Woodstock, N.Y.

Miss Muldaur says of her voice: “I’m not a screamer, but my voice is getting heavier as I get older. It’s like I’ve had a flute all these years. But…now I find there’s a saxophone in there.”

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