Bette Midler Won’t Talk To Anyone Backstage At “Hello Dolly”?

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Bette Midler Won’t Talk To Anyone Backstage At “Hello Dolly”?
By Holly Nicol | 5:33 am, May 12th, 2017


A new report claiming Bette Midler won’t talk to anyone backstage at “Hello Dolly” because she’s always on vocal rest is completely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. We’re told it’s not true.

“Bette Not Speaking To ‘Dolly’ Cast,” reads a headline from this week’s National Enquirer. Inside the bogus article, a supposed “source” is quoted as saying, “Bette does not talk when she’s offstage,” adding that the star is on “total vocal rest” when she isn’t performing. The magazine’s questionable insider goes on to contend, “Doing seven shows a week in a role as big as ‘Dolly’ is very straining on her vocal chords,” but the entire cast understands that Midler, a “total professional,” has to be “silent” when she’s backstage.

But Gossip Cop investigated into the Enquirer’s bizarre report, and source close to the production exclusively assures us the article is not true. As a focused and respected artist, the iconic actress understandably takes her performance seriously, but she is certainly not refusing to speak to her fellow cast when she is offstage. What’s more, we’re further told Midler has plenty of fun backstage at the Broadway revival of “Hello Dolly,” contrary to the outlet’s unfounded tale.

The supermarket tabloid doesn’t exactly have a strong track record when reporting about Broadway. Just in the past few months alone, Gossip Cop has busted the publication for falsely alleging Jennifer Lopez was planning a Broadway musical about her life. And shortly before that bogus article, we corrected the tabloid for wrongly claiming Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were in in talks to star in La La Land on Broadway. Neither story was true, and the same goes for this latest piece of fiction.

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3 thoughts on “Bette Midler Won’t Talk To Anyone Backstage At “Hello Dolly”?

  1. I was at the matinee performance the day after opening night and talked to several cast members about Bette.. I learned that after matinee performances when there is another show to do that night she sleeps (it was the reason she would not come to the stage door).. They all expressed how amazing she was and not in the “I have to say this because..” type of way, but in an honest and humble way.

  2. I think Extreme Right Wing nuts are trying to damage Devine M image, please boys you cant do it! She’ll always be special to me, What an all around talent, Just Love her, wish I could meet her, maybe someday. So keep your hands off of my Devine Miss M

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