My Interview With Luke Martin-Jones From “Spanish Views”: Interview with Don Bradshaw, from online scrapbook ‘Bootleg Betty.’

1930867_38770509026_8015_nIn my fourth ‘Luke Martin-Jones Interview,’ I have had the pleasure of speaking to Don Bradshaw, from ‘Bootleg Betty.’ This fantastic website is an online scrapbook, chronicling the life and career of one my favourite actresses, entertainers and singers, the wonderful Bette Midler.

I have been a fan of Ms Midler’s, since I was a small child. Whilst growing up in the 1970s and 80s, coming to terms with my sexuality, Bette became a big part of my life. I remember going to clubs and pubs, frequently hearing her voice, as I finally began to discover who I truly was.

Don (62) has created an online archive, covering every aspect of Ms Midler’s life. It is packed full of photographs, videos, quotes and words from the great lady herself and is an absolute joy to read. As a fan, I have discovered much about Bette, that I never knew before; a lady that isn’t only a star of stage and screen and an accomplished singer but is also a devoted campaigner and activist.

Don would love the readers of ‘Spanish Views,’ to take a look at his online Scrapbook, ‘Bootleg Betty;’ (Click on the banner above to take you to his site) it comes highly recommended from me. All of you, young, old, curious or like me, a devoted fan, will enjoy what Don has built, over fifteen years of hard work and dedication. Leave comments and play a part in this archive of irreplaceable material, collected by Don, on display for all of us to enjoy. If you have any Bette Midler memories, stories and items, you wish to share with Don, he would love to hear from you!


Thank you to Don Bradshaw for agreeing to take part in this interview. I wish you continued success in all your endeavours. Thank you for your innovative online scrapbook, I look forward to reading further stories, listening to more of her music and introducing my readers to the wonderful world of ‘Bootleg Betty.’

Interview with Don Bradshaw, from online scrapbook ‘Bootleg Betty.’: CLICK HERE

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