BetteBack January 24, 1975: Bette Midler’s Like A Hot Fudge Sundae

Garden City Telegram
January 24, 1975


Calling Bette Midler a singer is like calling a hot fudge sundae food you’re right, but there is a lot more to it.

Miss Midler’s dynamic delivery and one-of-a-kind style have made her The Divine Miss M  to thousands of devoted fans. Her records turn to gold, her concerts sell overnight.

“I guess the extra ingredient is energy,” the flaming redhead explains in her distinctive New York twang.”I was hyperactive as a child, and I still can’t stay put.”

Miss Midler does everything but stay put when she guest stars on Cher, one-hour music and comedy special, Sunday Feb. 9 (6:30-7:30 p.m., CST) on the CBS Television Network. With this special, Miss Midler, along with Elton John and Flip Wilson, helps the glamorous singer comedienne Cher celebrate her return to television.

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