How Hello Dolly! Played A Part In Ending A 20 Year Feud Between Two Top Notch Actresses

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Glenn Close buries the hatchet with Broadway buddy
By Starts at 60 Writers
August 14, 2017


We’ll take the news with a grain of salt, but it seems that Glenn Close and Patti LuPone may have finally reconciled after reportedly having a falling out more than 20 years ago, according to Page Six.

 According to a rep for Close, the two Broadway veterans took a trip to see the Bette Midler production of Hello, Dolly! and had drinks afterwards at Bar Centrale, where they were observed laughing like they were old friends without a hint of resentment.

“They had a great time,” the rep told Page Six“They all had a lot of fun.”

The famous feud reportedly began when LuPone, who had started in the West End version of Sunset Boulevardwas rejected for the same role in the 1994 Broadway production in favour of Glenn Close, who won a Tony Award for her part.

Andrew Lloyd Webber reportedly paid LuPone $1 million for breaking the contract, since she had been promised the role when it began on Broadway.

You might think the wounds would still be fresh, considering Close only wrapped up the Sunset Boulevard revival in June of this year, but it seems they’ve managed to forgive and forget.

During the Sunset Boulevard revival, Close famously called out an audience member for taking a photo during the middle of the show – an absolute taboo in almost any professional production, let alone a Broadway show.

“I’m sorry,” Close said. “Stop the show. Someone there is taking photos. You must know how distracting and disrespectful that is.”

The move was reminiscent of LuPone herself, who relieved a mobile phone from an audience member who was texting during a 2015 performance if Shows for Days.  

Andy Cohen addressed the ongoing feud on an episode of Watch What Happens Live earlier this year, and LuPone didn’t shy away from the topic. While she maintains that her friendship with Lloyd Webber never recovered from the incident, she and Close began to patch things up in 2011 at the Kennedy Center Honors.

“Glenn Close came and sat down right there … And she said, ‘I had nothing to do with [the Sunset Boulevard decision]’, and we hugged,” LuPone said in the segment.

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