NYRP Hulaween: Just like Bette Midler, YOU TOO can be simply DIVINE!


Bette Midler sporting costumes from ‘Fellini Hulaweenie,’ ‘Hell’s Night on Hulaween Island,’ and ‘Hulaween in the Big Easy’

Make Your Bid Now!

Have you ever wished you could look like the showstopping Divine Miss M whose costumes have been described by Vanity Fair as “the stuff Halloween dreams are made of?”

Well, now you can!

NYRP is auctioning off three of the legendary 2017 Tony Award winning actress’s costumes on the Charitybuzz website. The hauntingly beautiful costumes were all worn by Bette, herself. Costume one is from 2013’s Hulaween in the Big Easy, costume two is from 2014’s Fellini Hulaweenie, and costume three is from 2015’s Hell Night on Hulaween Island.

These are going to be snatched up quick so act now!


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