Sharon Stone Dropped A Tidbit: Says She Will Be Working With Bette Midler

Sharon Stone: “Always known that I would become a star”
Annelies Roebben & Kristien Morato December 30, 2017

Shifting Sharon Stone as just “that actress from Basic Instinct” would be dishonoring her. After the now world-famous scene – in which she was not wearing panties when she crossed her legs – she became one of the best-paid actresses in Hollywood. Still, afterwards she got away with her image as a sex symbol without difficulty. Earlier this year she played a beautiful role in the film ‘Running Wild’, now she acts in the TV series ‘Mosaic’. Still on the schedule: a role as heroin dealer in the thriller ‘Sunny’ and a comedy with Bette Midler. No obvious choices, but Sharon is especially happy that she can still work. “A little over 16 years ago I had a stroke and a brain haemorrhage, which lasted nine days. An artery supplying the brain with blood had jumped, but they had not seen it in the hospital. I did not hear anything with my left ear, felt nothing in my left leg. I was blind to my one eye and sometimes I did not see anything with my other eye either. Then everything suddenly became black. I have had problems for years. I could not even write my name for three years. Because my arm did not listen to my brain. “

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  1. Sharon Stone is also looking forward to a comedy co-starring Bette Midler and a man Stone will not name. “I play a grifter who comes in and just takes over their lives,” she says, laughing.

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