Featuring The Harlettes: The Black & White Sessions : Paulette McWilliams : “At Seventeen” (June 18, 2018)

Mister D: I thought I’d start featuring the Harlettes Bette Midler has gainfully employed over the decades. You know they had to be super-talented and well-rounded to work with the hard driving Miss M. I’ve featured some in the past, but I keep running into their projects and I’d like to pay some respect when I can. So we’ll start out with Ms. Paulette McWilliams who worked with Ms. Midler in 1979-1980. Ms. Williams does an awesome job on one of my favorite songs, At Seventeen, written by the incredible Janis Ian (Some People’s Lives)

Produced by: Keri Larson & Tony Guerrero

Vocals: Paulette McWilliams
Piano: Tony Guerrero

Written By: Janis Ian

Socials and such:
Facebook: Paulette McWilliams
Instagram: @plettymac
Twitter: @Mspaulette

There is no one with a bio as lengthy or extensive in this series as Paulette McWilliams. Please visit her website for the full listing, but here are a few highlights. Paulette worked with Luther Vandross for 20+ years on multiple tours and albums. She introduced Chaka Khan to Rufus and they sang together in the band in the early years. She was a backing vocalist on “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” for Michael Jackson and worked extensively with Quincy Jones on various albums and tours. Paulette sang all of Tammi Terrell’s duets with Marvin Gaye during his last tour and was a Harlette for Bette Midler. The list continues with multiple commercials and Tv Themes as well as countless solo ventures in the international Jazz Festival circuit.

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