Audio Info Updatd: Bette Midler – Tenterfield Saddler – Peter Allen Tribute – February 10 1993 at UCLA’s Royce – 1993

Audio: Bette Midler - Tenterfield Saddler - Kiss My Brass Down Under - 2004

Update: I originally had this listed as the KMB version, but with a couple of people bringing things to my attention and listening to the tape, I’m convinced it was the Tribute and she got a do-over. I do have the Down Under tape somewhere because I’ve posted it before. I promise i will do my best to find it. Sorry, I know this is disappointing to some of you, so but it still is a beautiful version, Now I shall continue my ques 

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4 thoughts on “Audio Info Updatd: Bette Midler – Tenterfield Saddler – Peter Allen Tribute – February 10 1993 at UCLA’s Royce – 1993

  1. So, I’ve been listening to this obsessively since you posted it the other day. I saw Bette perform it as part of her encore for Kiss My Brass (Melbourne, 2004) and have always wanted to hear it again… so, thank you!

    But, after listening to this version umpteen times, I think it’s actually from the Peter Allen tribute in 1993. We’re all familiar with the version where she forgets the lyrics mid-song, but did she give it another go and manage to get through the whole thing?

    Her voice and the piano accompaniment here is exactly the same as the Peter Allen tribute, whereas the Harlettes joined her for the Kiss By Brass encore (which, from what I remember, was a very different arrangement).

    Hate to sound like a pedant; more curious than anything. Either way, this is such a heart-breaking rendition of a beautiful song 🙂

    1. Peter, I take no offense at all and you’re probably even right. Towards the end of this one she starts talking like she was referencing her fuck up from before. Unfortunately, I do this site mostly by myself, and though I’m a huge fan, from age 14, when she first appeared. On Johnny to age 63 now, but due to workload, aging issues, etc, sometimes I make big fuckups. LOL Lisyening to it, I think you’re right. I’m not the most organized and I probably named the audio files both Tenterfield Saddler and they were in different folders. I have one down under version, and it has to be somewhere. I!! change the name on the one I have up. I’m just positive you’re right because she did get to do it over.

      I Human, and I mess up, esp over all I’m trying to do here. I know I have holes everywhere- like I haven’t added her new Tony to the awards database, etc. I probably need an assistant but I do this for free and I couldn’t afford that anyway.

      I just wanted you to know that I don’t doubt you and I’m convinced youre right. I hope I can find the other version so I can put that up. Im thinking the audio wasn’t as good but it’s the memories that it evokes thats what is important. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Love, Don, Mister D

  2. No need to explain, Mr D! BLB has always been, and always will, be my favourite corner of the web. You do an amazing job and we love you for it. I’ve never heard this full version before, so it was incredible in itself ?

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