Singer/Songwriter’s Meeting with Bette Midler

Mister D: During the year 2000 when Bette was still recording songs for the “Bette” CD, she visited Nashville to record a song written by Beth Nielson Chapman. While in Nashville, she went to see one of my favorite new artists, David Meade….anyway, I found an entry he made into his diary concerning his meeting with the Divine One…this entry concerned the recording of his last album, “Mine and Yours”:


Basically, the idea for this one is to focus more on the songs and voice,
especially the voice. Arrangements should all be more sparse- it’s all about
space this time around. The idea kind of came from Bette Midler, who came to one of my shows this year. I got to meet her afterwards, and one of the
things she said was to never make another record where she couldn’t hear my
voice. I have taken this to heart, not to mention her spot-on description of
crafting an arrangement around the voice. Smart woman.


Here is a link to his webpage containing some samples of his music. He writes very good, intellectual pop songs….check out “Breath You In”….one of my faves….

David Mead

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