Filming Begins for “The Stepford Wives” Today…Article talks of Nicole’s Post Oscar Roles


Herald Sun, Australia
June 17th, 2003

NICOLE Kidman is capitalising on her post-Oscar status as the world’s most in-demand female movie star with yet another film role, this time as a British aid worker married to a Sudanese warlord.

Kidman is being lined up to appear in Emma’s War as Emma McCune, a young Englishwoman who married a Sudanese rebel leader 14 years ago and joined his army, according to Britain’s The Times newspaper.

Kidman shocked the Cannes film festival by announcing she might give up acting if she fell in love, but she is wasting no time in the interim. She has an extraordinary 11 films either completed or in the pipeline following her Oscar-winning turn as Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

The Australian actor starts filming in New York today opposite Glenn Close, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick in The Stepford Wives, a remake of the 1975 science fiction satire, this time directed by Frank Oz.

Also headed for cinemas are Cannes entry Dogville; American Civil War story Cold Mountain; Birth for British Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer; and Mr and Mrs Smith, in which she and Brad Pitt will play married enemy assassins.

Kidman’s Australian publicist Wendy Day said the actor was finding it “hard to fit everything into her incredibly demanding schedule”. Most of the above roles were offered before her March Oscar win, and “it seems most major directors have approached her with a project since then. Nicole simply loves acting, and when you see a great role coming to you it’s hard to say no”, Ms Day added.

Emma’s War will be produced by top British director brothers Ridley and Tony Scott for 20th Century Fox.

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