Bette Midler Cancels Her Appearance On David Letterman!

Disappointingly, Bette has cancelled her appearance on Letterman this week, and it seems there will be no rescheduling. However, she will still be on The View and Martha, so don’t forget to check that out. Don’t ask me where or how I got the info – but it’s accurate. And I don’t know the reason. It is what it is….

I’ve opened an little Bette store – nothing big – it’s all from Amazon. For now you can get to it by clicking the link at the bottom of the red box at the top of the page. I’ll be adding more to it as I get time. But this store basically just has the stuff that’s available still in any store.

Thank you all who’ve sent me things to cheer me up or to help me out. If I haven’t written you back or called you please don’t take it personally. I’m really having to do a lot of adjustments, but I’m at least trying to keep you all up to date the best I can on news. Believe me, my own family is not hearing much at all from me. I think I relish silence for now – that’s unusual for me, so please bear with me. I thank all who’ve written or sent cards. I hope to reply at some point if when I can.

Love, Mister D

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