Bette Shines On Latest Billboard Box Office Charts (Thanks Richie)

You can see all the info at but I’ll make it easy for you: Click Here

However, the Billboard Concert Boxscore Issue: 3-29-08 looks a little like this:

1. Bette Midler
2. Wisin & Yandel
3. Bruce Springsteen
4. Foo Fighters
5. Rascal Flatts and Kellie Pickler
6. Linkin Park
7. Iron Maiden
8. Iron Maiden
9. Rascal Flatts, Kellie Pickler
10. Rascal Flatts, Kellie Pickle

Love, Mister D

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7 thoughts on “Bette Shines On Latest Billboard Box Office Charts (Thanks Richie)

  1. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again.

    “Bette is living proof that big tits, means big bucks!”



  2. Manny Said on March 26th, 2008 at 4:23 am:

    “I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. Bette is living proof that big tits, means big bucks!”

    So, according to him Dolly Parton’s next world tour is going to be the most profitable in History (especially in Europe where she charges in Pounds and Euros)!

    Mr. D, please, why Iron Maden and another one show up in the list twice?

    I, as a concerned fan, had my doubts about Miss M being able to fill the more than 4,100 Colosseum seats in the past, but it seems that The Divine One is going to be as profitable as Dion!


  3. Marcos,

    If you have a copy of Bette’s Album “Mud Will Be Flung Tonight” You will hear Bette saying that about herself, I am only mimicking what Bette has already said.

    Also you need not worry about Bette not filling up an arena or a Colosseum, when Bette toured Australia in 2005 she was selling out 50,000 seat stadiums per night, her ticket sales were amongst some of the fastest selling ticket sales ever seen in this country.

    It will be interesting though to see if Dolly Parton does embark on a world tour with her new album “Backwards Barbie. Dolly has a fine body of work, (Meaning music, not her tits!) And a world tour comprising of songs from each era of her carer would just be a once in a life time experience, I have seen her perform in Australia many years ago and she was “Fucking Awesome.” Please don’t ask me to compare Bette to Dolly as far as liver performances are concerned as they both have very different takes and styles on how they present themselves as an artist, it would be like asking me to compare ABBA to KISS in concert, just can’t be done.


  4. Marcos: About Iron Maiden and Rascall Flatts….they just reported their days separately.

    I think in Vegas they report weekly maybe because of the small size…. I’m not quite sure.


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