BaltoBoy Steve Sells 2 Great Tickets For 300.00 (Less Their Value)

Baltoboy Steve made a little boo boo the other day while purchasing tickets 2 tickets for Bette Midler’s Vegas show….he bought them for the WRONG DAY. Therefore he must get rid of them. Thru Ticketmaster and all their service charges they were well over 300.00, but he’s decided to try and get rid of them here before going to Ebay to make a profit.

The info on the tickets: 2 seats, Wed, June 3, 2009, First Balcony, 4th Row, Center Section, $300.00. He has printed copies of the tickets that can be mailed and the original pdf file that can be emailed to the buyer. These are great seats with a great view. I hope someone takes advantage of this if they can. You can contact Steve at:

Love, Mister D

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3 thoughts on “BaltoBoy Steve Sells 2 Great Tickets For 300.00 (Less Their Value)

  1. I don’t need the tickets, but Caesar’s should totally hire Baltoboy to do the Bette site. That photo with the Harlettes holding the ticket is BRILL!

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