Shayna Steele and Kamilah Marshall

As Bette Midler’s year headlining Las Vegas draws to a close, “The Showgirl Must Go On” has never been more true. In this instance, two Showgirls who help make Midler’s Vegas show memorable look forward to breaking out, after sharing a stage with The Divine Miss M.

Historically, that moment has proven to be the start of major careers. Midler obviously has a real eye for emerging talent; Barry Manilow and Katy Sagal, among many. Now comes the breakout moment for Shayna Steele and Kamilah Marshall. Each is a multi-talented performer, boasting a long, impressive showbiz bio before Bette. As their stint at Caesars Palace draws to a close, these close friends will each release a CD showcasing their amazing (though very different) vocal styles.

Their debut together comes Wednesday, January 13th, 10:00pm at Freakin’ Frog, the premier Vegas venue for emerging artists. Steele and Marshall will share the Freakin’ Music stage, each performing a solo set from their new CDs, then a few tunes together, backed by band members from Midler’s Showgirl troupe and top local talent.

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