New Music Up In All Jukeboxes

New music is up in all sections of Bootleg Betty early.  I’m trying to get on a new schedule where I change out music about every first of the month.  So please bear with me or get bare with me….whichever makes you more comfortable…. 🙂

  1. To listen to just Bette Midler music, go the BLB Jukebox or Click Here
  2. To listen to Same Songs, Other Voices, then Click Here
  3. To listen to Mister D’s gayest playlist ever then Click Here

Love, Mister D

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5 thoughts on “New Music Up In All Jukeboxes

  1. OMG where did you get Bette singing just the way you look tonight?? i’m assuming that it was a deleted scene from for the boys, i’ve gotta see it, is it on youtube?? they cut an aweful lot from m,y favorite movie!!! Mr> D you are amazing, i love the bette playlist, and your olay list (minus the barbra striesand) i just got up and started dancing and singing i’m coming out at the top of my lungs 🙂 i love that song!! i’m not to crazy about same songs other voices, because as far as im concerend bette is the best singer of all those songs, and the other voices just can’t do them justice L) ofcourse, im a die hard bettehead!!

    1. Glad you liked….Same Song Other Voices is supposed to be serious and fun at the same time. Sometimes I have the original singers of the songs and sometimes I think the versions are just so bad that they’re funny. All in all it is to get you to compare versions and of course it shows Bette always comes out on top….However, I do love finding the songwriter’s version….I have a lot of respect for them….

    2. That Esquivel almost made me spit my coffee out…it was like a real Vicky Eydie….and that awful version of Up The Ladder….

  2. i definetly found the humor in it cough strangers in the nigt, cough petula clark cough :)ot Delta Dawn by esquivel – lmfao!!

  3. oh and the horrid version of i think it’s gonna rain today!! i couldn’t even listen to the whole thing!!! same with as you said for up the ladder, once i clicked on up the ladder and heard a little, i just turned off same songs other voices, i couldn’t handle any more!! so i went to the bette playlist (much much better!!)

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