Bette Midler Word Search

Mister D: When you find the word in the puzzle, drag your mouse across it. This will highlight the word, earn you points, and cross off the word to the right. Then go quickly to the next word. You have 15 minutes to finish the puzzle…

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7 thoughts on “Bette Midler Word Search

  1. i’m loving the games Mr. D!! i have a game that i love to play with my friends called connect to Bette A(it’s like 7 degrees of kevin bacon) they give me a singer or a movie, actor, actress anything in pop culture and i connect to bette, it’s soo much fun especially since they’ve never stumped me, like for instance denzel washington, he was in man on fire with dakota fanning who was in the secret life of bees with queen latifah who was in mad money with diane keaton who was in first wives club with bette:) i play this all the time 🙂

    1. Glad you like them…that one you play is so hard for me for some reason, but I should have my friends try it on me more often

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