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“The Lottery” was a film made in 1989 starring Bette Midler and directed by Gary Marshall (he’s the gray haired owner of the baseball in team in the movie A League of Their Own). In the film, Bette‘s character is a singing instructor who suddenly wins the lottery but quickly loses the ticket and tries to chase it down. It was a film that was just a few minutes long, but it was featured as part of the old Backlot Tour attraction where guests would see the film and then be shown how stunt work, body doubles and movie sets were used to produce the film.

The Lottery from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

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11 thoughts on “Video: “The Lottery”

  1. I remember seeing this movie when I was 10, not yet a Bette fan, back in 1994. How great to see it again, and to see that I remember so much of it 😀 And that this was indeed the movie that Bette was in and that I saw.

  2. This is random, but true…

    Yesterday, my boss tells me that he once worked on an MGM project with Bette Midler. Naturally, my ears perked up and I said ‘The Lottery?’ He was absolutely floored that I knew this. So, I gave him the whole backstory about my being a fan of Bette and how seeing The Lottery and the actual film set at MGM (20 years ago) was such a cool experience.

    Turns out, he produced and directed the making of The Lottery which was shown immediately following the film. And as a side note, Gary Marshall specifically told him that he should never shoot Bette from the left side. Naturally, I laughed and said ‘every fan knows that!’

    He said he didn’t really interact socially with Bette, but that she was very nice and very professional. She came in, did her job and went home 🙂

  3. I was an extra in this movie short. Have always wanted a copy of it! Glad I can at least see it here.

  4. I am in the scene at the train station where you see a man and woman standing in the background drinking coffee and chatting while all this commotion is going on. Even though it does not look like it in this cut, Garry Marshall kept telling us to not pay attention to what was going on and just keep conversing. But, the guy I was with kept saying to me, that doesn’t make any since we should be looking at what is going on with Bette! I finally had to give in to him because it looked silly for me to be talking straight ahead to him while he was looking toward Bette. Other than that it was two long, but enjoyable days of filming. Lots of waiting. Got to see Bette’s daughter with her nanny and got a photo of them which I still have. It was a great experience and fun to say I have worked with Better Midler and been directed by Garry Marshall!

    1. That is so interesting Linda….I really appreciate you writing in….and i’d be bragging too!

  5. I know no one will believe this…….but I was an extra in that Film. I had a food cart business in Orlando. They called to rent a couple of carts for the NY City street scence and asked if I wouldn’t mind being an extra….wow, haven’t thought of that in 20 years……good times

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