Sexy at 65

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Sexy celebrities at 65: They’re our elders, betters..& belters
By Adam Lee-Potter 27/06/2010

Sexy at 65

The tide is high… but they’re holding on. They turn 65 next month, but Debbie Harry and Helen Mirren are more OMG! than OAP.

Five years after picking up their bus passes, the silver foxes can effortlessly out-raunch women a decade or two younger.

Blondie bombshell Debbie is still cavorting on stage in skin-tight outfits while Prime Suspect star Helen even posed topless last week for a US magazine.

A world away from HRT, comfy shoes and big knickers, the glamorous golden girls are living proof you’re only as old as the woman you feel.

But they’re not the only sexy celebrity sixtysomethings in town… here we show them now and (inset photos) in their younger days.

Priscilla Presley

Elvis’s evergreen ex still has cheekbones like razors despite turning 65 last month. But unlike her late husband – who gorged on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mountains of cheeseburgers – Priscilla’s body is a temple. Admittedly, the one-time Dallas star has had a little surgical help to preserve her dazzling looks. But when plastic looks this good, we bet current beau Richard Palmer has no complaints.

Bette Midler

Who says blondes have all the fun? She’s ginger… and we reckon she’s drop-RED gorgeous. The youngest of the bunch, Bette turns 65 in December. She sings, she acts, she even does stand-up. And the flamehaired star still has fire in her belly. As she says: “I try not to drink too much because when I’m drunk, I bite.” Miaow!

The First Wives Club actress still goes by the stage name The Divine Miss M. Quite right too.

Goldie Hawn

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The Private Benjamin actress is 65 in November.

But Kurt Russell‘s shapely squeeze looks more like daughter Kate Hudson’s big sister than a gran. The famously kooky star used to work as a go-go dancer in New York before she hit the big time. She clearly hasn’t lost her pep – or her pegs.

And if you need proof she’s still down with the kids, when Hawn became a granny for the third time this year, she announced it – where else? – on Twitter. She girlishly tweeted: “Hurray! Baby BOY born to my son Oliver and his beautiful wife Erinn TODAY. So happy! A new life! I’m dancin my happy dance.” Ahh.

Bianca Jagger

Nicaraguan beauty Bianca, who turned 65 last month, famously married Rolling Stone Mick in 1971.

But, unlike the craggy-faced rocker, the svelte mother of Mick’s 38-year-old daughter Jade has the unblemished face of a woman half her age.

It’s no thanks to Jagger, though. Bianca – who divorced her husband after his fling with Jerry Hall – once said: “My marriage ended on my wedding day.”

Mia Farrow

The 65-year-old Rosemary’s Baby star has 15 children – 11 of them adopted.

And the actress Рwho married singer Frank Sinatra, then conductor Andr̩ Previn before running off with funnyman Woody Allen Рis still looking pretty youthful herself.

But she’s still every inch the femme fatale. When Allen had an affair with their adopted daughter, Mia’s still devoted first husband Sinatra offered to have his legs broken. Now that’s love for you!

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