Tid-Bettes: Let The Fur Fly

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  • I asked about the “Showgirl” CD and was told there won’t exactly be a DVD released and the subject could not be discussed. I might get in trouble for saying just that…I don’t know. This is a guess on my part, but maybe they are thinking of doing a special a la “Diva Las Vegas” but with no DVD. That’s just a guess…I really don’t have much to go on and I don’t know the rationale for anything. But it seems we’re getting something.
  • Bette said in the video she is not working on a CD. Currently she is without a label, so she may not be recording but that doesn’t mean she’s not shopping around for a label, listening to songs, songwriting, commissioning songs, etc. So don’t get down about that. A lot of good can come from this. But these are my opinions of what she could be doing. I don’t think she’s just passively sitting around.
  • I’ve added some more songs to Mister D’s playlist including Gwyneth Paltrow’s stab at country music. I think you’ll be surprised. I was. The song is called “Country Strong.” For the playlist: CLICK HERE This from a new movie she is in….
  • The other two playlists should be up within the next couple of days. Thanks for your patience!
  • Bette also has written the foreward to a beauty book to be published in April 2011 called Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age [Paperback] by Lois Joy Johnson (Author), Sandy Linter (Author), Bette Midler (Author). One of Bette’s associates says the book/author is “fabulous.” And judging by the way Miss M has been looking over the years I believe it. So you might want to check that out now and pre-order:

And speaking of Beauty, do not forget to subscribe to Lisa Lamm’s Beauty Column at the Examiner. You’ll be glad you did. CLICK HERE

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2 thoughts on “Tid-Bettes: Let The Fur Fly

  1. Mr. D, re “Showgirl” ala Diva Las Vegas as you mentioned above, maybe they are thinking of showing it to coincide with Bette’s 65th, whaddayathink? (lol!). Just a thought coz Bette will be 65 come December 1st and it is going to be a landmark birthday so…:) whatever it’ll be we are waiting for it!!

    I like Lisa Lamm’s beauty column, I’ve actually read about a couple of them, my favorite being the soaking the feet in hot water/milk — I can put to good use some of the milk I use for my breakfast cereals (lol!)

    Have a great day! xxxoo
    Hope you feel much better:)

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