“Arthur Armadillo Private Investigator: The Case of the Green-Eyed Redhead”

Mister D: And now, and now, and now….for something completely different, we have a piece of fiction written back in the day by a BetteHead friend of mine. It’s a detective story, probably above your sweet little heads, but you’re gonna like it, even though the author warn the main character is “not all that bad, he’s just written that way.” Oh well, I’ll let you ladies and low lifes decide for yourself. Remember, it’s a work of fiction…have an open mind and enjoy! Now here’s Art to explain a little further:

Hi Mister D:

I recently posted a vintage story (from the 80s) I wrote called “Arthur Armadillo Private Investigator: The Case of the Green-Eyed Redhead.”

The character of Armadillo is quite authoritative on Bette Midler’s music, career, and life, and isn’t afraid to comment on it.
Plus, in a pivotal late chapter scene, Bette inspires him to see the job through.

Here’s the blog where it’s posted: http://bigdillo.blogspot.com/

And I’ve attached an original photo used when the stories were first published in an alternative newspaper so many years ago. I’d love to share it all with you and fans of Bootleg Betty.

Your friend in Fresno,


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