BetteBack: Ole Miss Road Sweeper

Bette Midler the road sweeper.
Article from:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England) Article date:November 29, 1998

SUPERSTAR Bette Midler has revealed she stays in shape by… road-sweeping.

Sometimes she also does some tree-chopping and undergrowth clearing.

For the Divine Miss M loves to burn off calories and do good at the same time by cleaning up New York‘s rubbish in her role as founder of the New York Restoration Project.

Bette, whose new album Bathhouse Betty includes the single I’m Beautiful, considers working out as a means to another important end … eating.

She says: “Working out is a lot of fun and you can eat to your heart’s content as long as you work it off.

“You don’t have to worry about calories.

“I exercise a lot – six days a week – and love it.”

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