Bette Doles Out Her Opinions (Or Why I Love UK Interviews)

Sky News
Bette Midler Says Prince William Should Elope
12:06am UK, Tuesday November 23, 2010
Lucy Cotter, showbiz correspondent

Singer and actress Bette Midler has come up with some advice for Prince William and Kate Middleton – elope to the south of France.

The award-winning star told Sky News: “They should elope, run off and be married in Marseille. Times are hard – it’s enough.”

Midler, 65 next month and promoting her new album Memories Of You, has harsh words for “celebrities” who make their name without any real talent.

She said: “People become famous for making a sex tape – how hard can that be?

“The industry is very different to how it used to be.

“I don’t resent it – it’s like an expanded version of what the hookers in Rome went through – there’d be one who was celebrated, passed around and then the critics would write lots of horrible things about her.

“I feel it’s the same.”

She regrets the way Britney Spears’ career turned out, saying she “had a great shot but couldn’t seem to control it”.
“But the industry has changed.

“We know so much more about these people than we used to – and we know much more than we should do ”¦ Lindsay Lohan – most people shouldn’t be thinking about her – it’s a waste of their time.”

Midler has been entertaining for four decades, not only singing but also acting – twice giving Oscar-nominated performances – and believes it’s very difficult for women of a certain age to continue.

‘You’ve got Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep – there doesn’t seem to be room for anyone else.
But after a certain age, whichever industry you’re in it always happens.”

The Wind Beneath My Wings singer is from Hawaii and moved away when she was young.
However, she is very proud of another ex-resident – US President Barack Obama.

“I’m so proud, I adore him. We never thought we’d produce a champion but we did.

Midler says showbusiness has changed

“I don’t think his message comes across as clearly as we thought it would but it’s barely two years.

“I adore him and her. We’ve got two more years until all hell breaks loose.”

Last time she was in the UK, Midler – whose films include Beaches and The Rose – performed at the Royal Variety Show in front of the Queen, an experience she found daunting – surprising given her years in the business.

“I was scared out of my wits.

“I was a child when she was crowned and I saw the pictures, it was something you never forgot – this young girl with so much promise and so much weight on her shoulders.

“It was a like a dream.”

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2 thoughts on “Bette Doles Out Her Opinions (Or Why I Love UK Interviews)

  1. I like it the best too. It’s not a recap of her career. He’s asking her opinion on things so it’s much more interesting.

  2. Bette said it was like a dream when she performed in front of the Queen last year — that’s how I felt when I met her (Bette) at the Hulaween — it was like a dream…:)

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