Bette vs Lisa Bonet As Most Stylish Yiddish Mom – Really???

The Jerusalem Post
The Weekly Schmooze: The Divine Miss Mom
01/06/2011 14:27

Surprising requirements for being the most stylish Jewish mom: A clam-shell bra and an Academy Award. At least, that’s what Jewish parenting blog Kveller says. Yes, Bette Midler topped a list of 20 stylish yiddishe mamas, which includes “Blossom” star Mayim Bialik, recent convert Isla Fisher, and”¦Scarlett Johansen, who isn’t actually a mother, but is Jewish. In the Schmooze’s humble opinion, “Cosby Show” and High Fidelity star Lisa Bonet should be number one, not 17, but the Divine Miss M is a pretty good choice.

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