Coming To The Big Screen: Here She Is Boys! It’s Bet….I Mean Barbra!

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Barbra Streisand to Produce and Star in Big-Screen Gypsy
NEWS By Staff January 5, 2011 – 11:34AM

Here she is, boys! It’s Barbra’s turn to star in ‘Gypsy.’

Will Barbra Streisand go from the Focker family to Gypsy’s titanic Momma Rose? According to The New York Post, the superstar is “deep in negotiations” to produce and star in a new movie adaptation of the classic musical. Although the Post claimed that Streisand would direct the film version, an article in The New York Times reports she will not, quoting Gypsy librettist Arthur Laurents saying, “Playing Rose is enough to make her happy.”

Laurents has given his blessing to Streisand’s planned film, the first big-screen version of the show since a 1962 film starring Rosalind Russell. Bette Midler starred in a 1993 TV movie, and the iconic matriarch Rose has been played on Broadway by Ethel Merman, Angela Lansbury, Tyne Daly, Bernadette Peters and Patti LuPone.

Laurents and Streisand have a long history, beginning with her first Broadway show, I Can Get It For You Wholesale, which he directed in 1962. Laurents wrote the screenplay for one of her biggest hits, The Way We Were, released in 1973. “We’re talking about Gypsy being a bookend for us,” the 92-year-old theatrical legend told the Post, adding that he would not write the script for Streisand’s film version. “She began with me, and this will be a grand farewell for us.” Laurents, who suggested that Oscar winner Tom Hanks take on the role of Herbie in the movie, told the Times, “I would be very pleased if we had a different film version for the historical record.”

Mister D: Anybody have any feelings/opinions about this?

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10 thoughts on “Coming To The Big Screen: Here She Is Boys! It’s Bet….I Mean Barbra!

  1. Hello Mr. D:)

    I’d like to give mine while I’m waiting for my boss to conclude his conference call (lol!). I’ve seen Barbra in a few movies (Prince of Tides on DVD, Meet the Fockers) but I can’t imagine Barbra playing Momma Rose — BETTE is Momma Rose!!! No offense meant to Barbra fans out there but if Gypsy is being produced for the big screen I think they should have Bette do it. Having once portrayed the role of Momma Rose 17 years ago in the small screen, it will be interesting to see how Bette will reinterpret her Momma Rose role on the big screen now that she is older and much wiser:). I am imagining Bette’s Momma Rose of the millenium will have with more depth, more layers and dimension to the character:)

    I don’t have Bette’s Gypsy DVD but our local library has it and I make it a point to borrow the DVD (I always get charged for penalties for late return lol!) and watch it every so often. I must have watched it a 100 times already! lol!

    Anne xxx

  2. Yes I have a comment. and an opinion… She Ruined HELLO DOLLY and she will ruin GYPSY. I am NOT a barbra fan… never have been. there is a difference between playing a character who has an enormous ego and a person who comes to the role with an even bigger ego. BOO! that is MY opinion…

  3. I love Babs , yet not as much as Bette, but I think that I will give her a chance…I love this musical and loved Bette playing Rose.
    Let´s see how Barbra will do it….but I´m very happy that she is doing something in her age and not retiring 🙂

  4. I don’t think Bette would do it again even if she was asked. I don’t think she’s got the voice to do it in the original key anymore, and I think it was important to her that she do that the first time around.

    Let Barbra try it. I don’t think there’s any way that anyone can top Bette’s Gypsy. It was phenomenal!

  5. I would not support this. “Gypsy” is one of my favorite musicals of all time. And we already have two great film versions. I’d rather they release a live show of it (i.e. the recent Broadway revival with Patti LuPone for example) which would be amazing.

  6. I’ve sat through enough Babs films to realise that she’s only interested in her enormous ego: and she manages to make every song she sings sound the same – all those vocal tics and gulps…She’s not prepared to put herself on the line and really make a character. So, no, I don’t think she’ll come anywhere near Bette’s ‘Gypsy’, which I saw at the Odeon, Shaftesbury Avenue when it came out – the audience applauded! and it’s still a favourite DVD. Bette just goes out there, gets the role and raises hell. I love her!

  7. I don’t think this is a good idea at all. Bette was so awesome as Mama Rose and I don’t think there needs to be another one anytime soon. I used to really like Barbra Streisand before I watched her in interviews and she seems to have no sense of humor or personality at all. Sorry if I’m offending anyone that is a fan I just don’t like the thought of her playing Mama Rose after Bette did it so well. I’m sure she will try to top Bette and do her darndest to make it better. I wonder what Bette would think about this.

  8. I think this is a bad idea. For one, most critics agree, this is Bette’s movie. Bette wanted to do musicals and didn’t get the chance to do as many as she liked. Barbra on other hand has, and should leave this one well enough alone. I personally don’t feel Barbra has the emotional range to play this part either, and I think she is far too old (An audience surely won’t believe her having two young children at her age!). Her voice isn’t what it used to be as well – god I really sound like I’m Barbra bashing here, but I really like her – I just hope she reconsiders after watchin Bette’s phenominal interpretation.

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