Who Made “Deep Dish’s” All Time Celebrity Birthday Dinner Party Guests

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Celebrity Birthday Dinner Party: The Top 10 Guests
MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011

Celebrity Birthday Dinner Party – The Top 10 Guests from all 50 CBDP contests:

1) Jake Gyllenhaal (in the above photo)

2) Bette Midler

3) Madeline Kahn

4) Lucille Ball

5) Dolly Parton

6) Bea Arthur

7) Cher

8) Hugh Jackman

9) Betty White

10) Stockard Channing

The Next 10: Bette Davis, Paul Rudd, Anderson Cooper, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jane Lynch, Lily Tomlin, John Barrowman, Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Reynolds and Oscar Wilde

To see this years winners: Click Here

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