Since Bette Midler In 1984, MTV Goes Emcee-Less For Upcoming MTV Video Awards

International Business Times
No Host for the MTV Video Music Awards, Confirmed
August 26, 2011

Another detail has been confirmed about Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards: There will be no one to host the entire event.

After small details such as the Amy Winehouse honor by Tony Bennett, a Britney Spears tribute section and a Lady Gaga performance, another detail has surfaced that the event will run sans a host. The rumor was confirmed by MTV’s vice president for music and talent, Amy Doyle. Past hosts have included comedienne Chelsea Handler and British actor Russell Brand.

“It’s going down to the wire,” she told “Hosting is such a unique element. We feel we got it right by putting new talent on the stage like Chelsea and Russell. We’re really challenging ourselves to find the right person so that the show feels complete.”

After the interview, MTV confirmed that there will absolutely be no host for the event, a first since the awards show started yearly in 1984. The first hosts of the event were comedian/actor Dan Akroyd and actress/singer Bette Midler.

Doyle also mentioned that there will be at least eight performances from some of today’s biggest acts, including an exciting number from the flamboyant Lady Gaga. Other stellar acts to expect are from r&b queen Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Grammy-winning singer Adele, who garnered seven nominations for her hit “Rolling in the Deep.”

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