Bette’s Back Issues

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Bette back issues
Last Updated: 4:03 AM, September 5, 2011
Posted: 2:44 AM, September 5, 2011

Bette Midler is apparently still on the couch after a back injury this summer forced her to pull out of the HBO Phil Spector
biopic. “Still semi-immobile and stuck on the couch. Ironically, movies about paralyzed people on Lifetime all week!” she
tweeted the other day. In July, Midler revealed that she had a herniated disc and had to take herself out of the role, which has since been filled by Helen Mirren. “People, I’m in pain! Herniated disk in cervical spine! No HBO movie for me!” she wrote. Al Pacino is slated to play the bristly haired music producer who was convicted of killing Lana Clarkson and sentenced to 19 years to life

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