A Couple Of Bette Tweets You Should Be Reading!

Mister D: Wow, I love that Bette is using Twitter in so many ways, but especially to speak her mind politically, whether you agree or not.  So far, I wholeheartedly agree with what she has to say.  I’m just wondering when she is going to get scolded for posting too many tweets or for too many political diatribes like I did from the old  Yahoo Message Board Moderator like I and a few others did way back when…..that person is STILL holding a grudge and proves the theory that they lose in the end…..
Bette Midler
The New Progressive Movement: nyti.ms/utw1p9
Bette Midler
BetteMidler Bette Midler
How Wall Street Occupied America | The Nation bit.ly/toWZr4
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