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Travel Inspiration: ”˜Beaches’ at Crystal Cove

Last summer, after spending a week in San Diego for Comic-Con, we took a drive up the California coast that included lunch and a sunset walk on the beach at Crystal Cove State Park.

The park is located off the Pacific Coast Highway between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach and features a historic village with 46 cottages built in the 1930”²s, most of which are awaiting renovation while making a fascinating beachfront ghost town. The cottages that have already been renovated are available as overnight rentals.

We stumbled upon the site thanks to the Beachcomber Café, one of restored cottages, that our GPS found when were searching for lunch in the area. The restaurant is a gem, not so much for it’s menu, but more for its large oceanfront deck and amazing views.

Along with the beachfront properties, the park also features three miles of gorgeous Pacific coastline, wooded canyons, open bluffs, and an underwater park.

Considering it’s one of the most beautiful spots in Southern California, it’s surprising that most of the movies filmed at Crystal Cove have been downers, including the most famous movie shot there, the 1988 Bette Midler film Beaches.

The beach house that Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey share in the film was Crystal Cove’s Cottage 13 and is now one of the properties being renovated. It’s hard to believe that a tearjerker like Beaches was filmed at one of the most beautiful locations we’ve ever seen.

As the cold of winter sets in, we can’t stop thinking about Beaches and the beautiful summer afternoon we spent at Crystal Cove.

For more information about Crystal Cove, other movies that filmed at the park, or cottage rates, visit

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