BetteBack Feb. 25,1988: Us Magazine’s 1st Annual Best And Worst Poll

Hot Numbers
Thursday, Feb. 25,1988

Tom Selleck was named entertainer of the year in Us magazine’s first annual readers’ poll. Among the other selections
disclosed in the March issue were: Jennifer Grey, hottest new actress; Patrick Swayze, hottest new actor; Michael
Douglas, best dramatic-movie actor; Glenn Close, best dramatic-movie actress; Bette Midler, best comedy-movie actress; Sharon Gless, best TV-drama actress; Michael J. FOX, best TV-comedy actor, and Betty-White, best TV-comedy actress.

Among the “worst” were Sylvester Stallone, dramatic movie acting; Lisa Bonet, TV-comedy actress; Michael Jack$on, most unwelcome comeback; and Cher, worst-dressed actress (but she won best comeback).

Bruce Willis and Madonna nailed down three worsts each. He, for comedy-movie actor, TV-drama actor and worst’dressed. She, for comedy-movie actress, . dramatic-movie actress and most overexposed actor or actress.

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