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CBS Baltimore
Celebrities Gaga Over Baltimore Designer’s Extravagant Eye Wear
January 20, 2012

(not a true example of eyewear featured in this article)

BALTIMORE (WJZ)”“ Madonna, Beyonce, Elton John and Lady Gaga. Those are just of the clients wearing fashions by an up and coming local designer.

Crazy costumes and over-the-top accessories are part of what’s made Lady Gaga a superstar. But before the purple-studded glasses went on tour with her around the world, they were created right on the floor of a downtown Baltimore loft.

“Well, I design everything here in Baltimore city.”

Stevie Boi may not be a household name just yet, but the 22-year-old accessories designer has carved his way to the top of a celebrity trend that’s seen high fashion eye wear take a turn for the extravagant.

“I feel like I can create little, tiny art pieces that people can wear.”

Boi started designing two years ago using his eye for unique fashion to create studded and spiked sunglasses. It wasn’t long before one pair ended up on the cover of a magazine.

“That was my big moment, and then 20 other people followed”“ as in celebrities.”

Now his lenses can be seen on the biggest names in music, celebrities, reality stars, and on the pages on high fashion magazines.

He even designed the ones seen in Lady Gaga’s video, “Love Game.”

This pair of glasses is part of Stevie’s next project He’s working on a collection that’s going to be coming to a retail store near you.

But even with everything he has in the works, Boi isn’t blinded by success.

“I’m so focused and motivated for the next project.”

And this Baltimore Boi has no plans to leave Charm City.

“I love it here, I don’t want to leave. No reason to.”

Boi is in the process of making several pairs of glasses for Madonna and says he even recently designed some for Bette Midler.

A pair of glasses can cost anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars. For more information on where you can find Boi’s creations, click here.

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