BetteBack – S u n d a y, Dec. 17, 1989: Bette, Woody may star in Disney flick

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Bette, Woody may star in Disney flick
S u n d a y, Dec. 17, 1989

Q: Is it true Bette Midler will have a major role in the next Woody Allen film? – K.B.

A: Not exactly. Allen’s about to direct his next secret project in early 1990 and as far as we
know the Divine Miss M isn’t part of the cast. However, both Allen and Midler have been talked about to star in “Scenes from the Mall,” to be directed by Paul Ma z u r s ky next summer for Disney. Essentially a two-character comedy, which all takes place in a mall, of course, it’s about a couple facing a serious rift in their relationship. Midler would play a best-selling writer of “pop” psychology books and All en, a lawyer.

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