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Wlnnipeg Free Press
Autograph Collectors
Thursday, February 1,1990


Go figure: Chummy TV dad Bill Cosby is the nastiest celebrity to get an autograph from and Robert Englund – who plays blood-thirsty, child-molesting murderer Freddy Krueger – is the nicest, according to a poll of Autograph Collector’s magazine readers.

“If the sweet personality you see at the movies or on TV is a front, these collectors will be the first to know,” said editor Joe Kraus.

Rounding out the “worsts” are Roseanne Barr, Bette Midler, Prince, Michelle Pfeiffer and Mikhail B a r y s h n i k ov.

A m o ng t he “bests” are Sammy Davis Jr., Vincent Price and Kiefer Sutherland.

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One thought on “BetteBack Thursday, February 1,1990 : Autograph Collectors Magazine

  1. I’ve never done that either.;;;;And even tho I have 2 pics with her I never asked for them…..I would think it would get on your nerves….it does mine….lol

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