BetteBack January 4, 1991: Is Midler Out Of Shape? No Way!

Twin Falls Times News
Midler in great shape for next flick
January 4, 1991

Q: Is it true that Bette Midler let her looks go, and that the only parts she can now get are roles as older women? – B.I.

A: Al t h o u gh Bette has f o u g ht a weight problem for much of her l i f e, s he looked
s v e l te a nd in t e r r i f ic shape when I last saw her. In her next flick, “For the Boys,” the 45-year-old actress plays a veteran USO performer who strutted for military troops d u r i ng W W I I, Ko r ea a nd Vietnam and wi ll end up as an 80- year-old woman.

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2 thoughts on “BetteBack January 4, 1991: Is Midler Out Of Shape? No Way!

  1. I love the answer to the question lol….the 80 year old woman part defeats the purpose of answering the question. She is SO SKINNY…..even when she says she’s heavy she’s STILL SKINNY! 5 pounds is a lot on that woman.

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