BetteBack January 6, 1991: Joan Rivers Takes On Bette

Wisconsin State Journal
Joan can talk about survivorhood
January 6, 1991

Q. Bette Midler said in a recent interview that she regretted making Karen Carpenter anorexia jokes earlier in her career. Is there anyone you’ve joked about that in hindsight you wish you hadn’t?

A. Absolutely not. Humor is the most wonderful thing we have. Bette is wrong – what she said is ridiculous. Everyone is fair game. The only thing I do not joke about is AIDS, because the public isn’t ready to laugh at that. Anything about
violence – like child abuse – I won’t touch.

Q. So you think all your Elizabeth Taylor fat jokes a while back like the one about how she puts mayonnaise on her aspirin tablets – you think that led her to her dramatic weight loss?

A. Oh, absolutely! Most of my celebrity friends love my jokes, like Cher for example. When I stopped talking about her in my act, she would get mad and insist that I put them back in!

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One thought on “BetteBack January 6, 1991: Joan Rivers Takes On Bette

  1. I’d pay to see Joan Rivers perform, but her talent is not gargantuan. She is not able to make us laugh with simple wit and charm like Dolly Parton or Miss M. Rivers’ humor needs someone to make fun of and ridicule. My beloved Elizabeth Taylor never considered her a friend and gave Joan no credit for her huge weight loss in the book “Elizabeth Takes Off”.

    On the superfluous side, I have to say that Joan Rivers was so ugly in the past that all the plastic surgery she went through made her look better. Contrary to common sense, I do think that Rivers looks better with her plastic face.

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