BetteBack April 5, 1992: Bette Midler Turns Down “Straight Talk”

Mister D: Actually the role went to Bette first who sat on it awhile then turned it down, then it went to Goldie….

Daily Herald
April 5, 1992

Dolly Parton says she experienced deja vu playing a dancer turned talk show host in her new movie “Straight Talk.” The country singer said she beat out actresses including Julia Roberts, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn because the role of a Southern woman who goes after her dreams was meant for her.

“This character is not separate from me in any way,” Parton said last week. “There sometimes, between takes, when it would be just like deja vu.”

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4 thoughts on “BetteBack April 5, 1992: Bette Midler Turns Down “Straight Talk”

  1. Mr D….are you trying to kill me off??? Please warn me with these Bette/Dolly posts in future, my heart just cant take it pmsl xx

  2. pmsl!…I do however like to think that I cross your mind when you do post these two together 😀

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