“Parental Guidance” Film Delayed Until Christmas Day

Fox’s ‘Parental Guidance’ shifts to Xmas
Billy CrystalBette Midler comedy moves from Thanksgiving

Fox will swap holidays for its Billy Crystal-Bette Midler comedy “Parental Guidance,” moving the pic to Christmas Day from its previous Thanksgiving weekend berth.

“Parental Guidance,” from helmer Andy Fickman (“You Again”), tells the story of a couple who learn the real meaning of the generation gap after they agree to babysit their three grandkids.

Dating the pic for Christmas, Fox positions “Parental Guidance” to fill the holiday’s usual family counterprogramming slot.

The pic’s previous Thanksgiving berth would have pitted it squarely against DreamWorks Animation‘s holiday-themed toon “Rise of the Guardians” — likely to be a significant contender for the family aud when it bows Wednesday, Nov. 21.

“Parental Guidance” now launches alongside fellow wide releases including Warner Bros.’ “The Great Gatsby,” Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” from the Weinstein Co., and FilmDistrict‘s romantic comedy “Playing the Field.”

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5 thoughts on ““Parental Guidance” Film Delayed Until Christmas Day

  1. If I remember correctly, this is what happened to Isn’t She Great? and then they finally pushed that film to January. Hope that won’t happen to this one

    1. Yeah, and while doing this timeline thing it seemed like it happened with one other movie too. I think this one will open Christmas Day though….

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