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Twitter Bette And Get A Surprise – Of Course You Pay!

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The Best of Bette (1978 album)
The Best of Bette (1978 album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Donate $100+ to @NYRP & use code #BetteStuff for a surprise gift from my personal collection of stuff. Limited time:


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10 thoughts on “Twitter Bette And Get A Surprise – Of Course You Pay!

  1. wow what a fantastic offer!! i have donated plenty of times before from australia, i will have to get online to donate!! any ideas what the special gift may be???!!!!

  2. Just donated myself! Can’t wait to see the surprise. I also commented in the section MR D. that without your wonderful site i would not have known and never would have donated…

  3. I always want you get to the maximum amount of credit that you so rightfully deserve!! I can’t wait to see the gift….

  4. Thank you, Don!

    I just did it. I wanted to make sure you were mentioned as a supporter of NYRP and their efforts. The note attached to the donation is below:


    Happy Earth Day!

    My thanks to Mister D (Don Bradshaw) at BootlegBetty, for reminding me of Bette’s special Twitter incentive, and to renew my NYRP membership.

    I wanted to wait until Earth Day, to show my appreciation to NYRP for the fine example that has been set in helping our environment, and improving the appearance of the five boroughs in NYC. Although I’m from Las Vegas, I find that Bette has created a wonderful model for environmentalists around the world, and wish NYRP the very best!

    NYRP is the perfect example of how a grassroots effort can lead the way in maintaining our natural resources, and improving the quality of life through planting, preservation, renovation, and growth.

    It is my fervent wish that Bette achieves her goal with the Million Trees initiative ahead of schedule, and I hope that my support to NYRP will help realize that vision.

    Best wishes,


    1. Ron, you didn’t have to do that, but thank you so much… special sweetie pie, if ya don’t mind!

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