Alternate Oscars: Best Actress, 1992 – Nominate Bette Midler Again

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Alternate Oscars: Best Actress, 1992
by TexaninNYC on Apr 11, 2012 12:43 PM EDT

We’ve debated many a time about what movies should have won in their respective years, and while we all disagree (cause that’s what the commetariat does best (looking at you, Nick)), there is a basic consensus that the Academy rates just above the BCS in consistently getting it right. I think I’ve finally come up with a system to best nominate and vote for our official EDSBS Oscars, which will be held legally binding in any arguments about movies that come up about movies in the future.

The nomination process is simple: if you want to nominate someone or a film in that category, write the name in the subject line. The Academy’s nominees must also be nominated. People will vote on the nominees by rec’ing the individual comments.You may rec up to five nominees (I’m not going to police this or anything stupid; just be nice and play by the rules.)

Starting next week, for each category, you can vote on the winner as well as nominate for the next year (so you’ll vote for Best Actor 1992 while nominating Best Actor 1991).

Best Actress, 1992. The Academy’s nominees were:

Jodie FosterSilence of the Lambs
Geena DavisThelma and Louise
Susan Sarandon – Thelma and Louise
Bette Midler – For the Boys
Laura DernRambling Rose

The list of all wide release movies in 1991 can be found here. Remember this is just the thread for nominating, not necessarily for arguing for a winner. Please post and/or rec your choice accordingly. Post your nominee on their site: Click Here

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