I Have Quit Facebook, Twitter, And Maybe iPhone….Hey!

“Because” will have to suffice now. Sorry for the inconvenience to any Bootleg Betty, We Got Bruce, or Divine Mister D fans if it effects those sites. You all know where to find me.

Love, Mister D

Bette Midler ” @BetteMidler
Jeez! I just bumped into a crowd a people all looking down at their devices!! Look up, people!!

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7 thoughts on “I Have Quit Facebook, Twitter, And Maybe iPhone….Hey!

  1. Don, you know who your real friends and supporters are 🙂 You do what you need to do and we will always be here for you! 🙂 <3

  2. Well, I’ve never been a fan of facebook and twitter, and will probably be trading in my iPhone this week for some other gadget. Although probably for different reasons, I truly support your decision.

    In the business world, your facebook account is heavily scrutinized by prospective (and current) employers, and hiring and firing decisions are made on the basis of what you do and who you know. It’s a huge invasion of privacy, and checking someone’s Facebook account is now part of the pre-employment background screening process.

    Both Facebook and Twitter have become popularity contests, and have been taken over by big business to promote their products (e.g., “Win a Prize by hitting ‘like me’ on my facebook page”)

    Twitter has some merit to people who have a huge following–I can see the value for news updates and the like, but for the average Joe, I am most content to make a phone call or send an e-mail to my friends. It’s a more personal touch, and much more satisfying. There isn’t anything I do on a daily basis that merits a tweet to the masses (however small my following may be). It’s another of those “look at me, aren’t I important!” ruses, and if you don’t have a million followers, like Ashton Kutcher, all you do is feel really bad about yourself–no thanks! And I still want to know how Ashton Kutcher has a million followers, but I digress.

    Bette’s message to “look up, people” resonates. If you see people walking down the street, in a mall, or even in a grocery store, you will find a huge percentage of them attached to a headphone, talking on a cell phone, or playing with some device.

    In retail, we have a huge number of people who walk into the store talking on the phone–absolutely inviting the hired staff to ignore them–until they end their conversations and then demand immediate attention. Even worse, is the person who is carrying on a conversation on the cellphone at the checkout stand, literally holding up the line of everyone behind them.

    I went to the movies with a friend, and she spend the entire time before the movie started playing “Angry Birds” on her cellphone (before the movie started). Granted you can’t talk during the movie, but a little conversation before would have been more social–I should have gone to the movie alone, and saved $20 bucks.

    I’d like to thank technology for moving forward, but not when it leads to social indifference. I still enjoy calling my friends on the phone to tell them my news, and find out about theirs.

    My favorite fix, however, is “Bootleg Betty”, so don’t give that up Don!!! And if you want to throw in something personal every now and then on your blog, go ahead–it’s your site, and we’re here for you!!!!

  3. More power to you, Don!! 🙂 And…I couldn’t agree more with what RJGinNV said!!! Also, totally agreeing w/ Bette: “Look up, People!!” Insane world these days! Best wishes to you & all BLB lovers!

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