All The Major Bette Sites Have Closed….Do You Have One?

Mister D: As you all know we lost two major Bette Midler sites within the last month. The only one left now is Bootleg Betty. Putting all differences aside, this does not bode well for Ms. M’s presence on the world wide web and I think it’s important that she does have one.

I’ve cleaned out my “Other Bette Sites” except for the following:

If you think I’ve taken your site down unfairly, please let me know, but they seemed inactive.

If anybody feels they should be included and you keep up an active site, please let me know by sending me your link at:


Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Mister D

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10 thoughts on “All The Major Bette Sites Have Closed….Do You Have One?

  1. I think this is so SAD. I remember when the internet was just becoming popular (GOD I sound old) & there were so many awesome Bette Midler sites. It really isn’t good. I think these sites are a great way for us fans to stay connected…..whether we all get along or not LOL!!!!!! We do all have ONE common interest.

    1. That’s so true Matt…tired of petty grievances, egos, fights within the community about who’s right and who is wrong….there will be some changes here to reach out to others because I’m about burnt out but there’s no way I’m going away….and people need to remember what we’re all here for! xx

  2. That´s so true Mr. D! and it´s really great that Bootlegbetty survived all the difficult times 🙂

  3. Bootlegbetty is easily my daily fix. Many thanks Mister D, for keeping your website up, keeping it relevant, and mixing it up with music, stories, press articles, photos, videos, and everything divine–past, present, and future! The website is so complete, that, sad to say, I never really (as in rarely) veered over to the other Bette-related sites, including Bette’s “official” site (it just pales in comparison, in terms of content and regular updates)–no offense intended to those involved–but Mister D, you’re the total package!!

    With one exception, I’m sad to see Betteontheboards go. It had a nice cache of material from Bette’s early years that was thoughtfully put together, and would occasionally surprise us with a few amazing finds and remarkable little gems. Any insight, Mister D, on what happened? Is it down permanently?

    Please know, Don, that you have our full support, and with other sites vanishing, we are ever the more grateful for your contributions, and feverish devotion. You’re the tops!

    1. Well that certainly was beautifully said, but not surprising coming from you. You’ve always been so kind to me and I thank you, I loved Bette On The Boards but i promised Darrell I wouldn’t talk about it. But he would love your sentiment. And I’m pretty sure it’s permanent. I’d write things from my own perspective, but I need to organize my thoughts better. I see a trend developing that I just find disturbing and some of the behind the scenes drama (which I try to bring to light every once in awhile) can really take a psychic toll on you. That’s why I have to be careful of burnout myself. Well that’s a little melodramatic! Anyway I’m here for now….lol

  4. Breaks my heart to see go. It was such a beautiful site and it brought me so much closer to Bette’s beginning.

    1. I heartily agree! Darrell and I always had kind of an unspoken agreemeny that he would concentrate on the early years and i would basically start where he left off, Eventually after I run my timeline up to the day I started BLB in 2002 i’ll start at the beginning……

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