BetteTweets: Bette To Tour In A Couple Of Years?

@BetteMidler Dinner @Housecafe 8114 Beverly Blvd. LA, and it was great! Talking about a tiny tour with one truck! Expect me in your town in a few years.

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13 thoughts on “BetteTweets: Bette To Tour In A Couple Of Years?

  1. I’m sitting at my place in LA and my aunt calls to tell me that her friend is at House Cafe where Bette Midler is dining and that I should go down there immediately… My friend looks up the restaurant and we talk about going but I end up not going because honestly, I don’t want to frighten her with my babbling about how much I love her (or interrupt her dinner). Gah… now Im kicking myself!

    1. Honestly….I think you made the right decision, but boy I know that took willpower on your part! xx

  2. Is that for real? I am SO THERE! 😀 I would travel to all places just to see her in concert! so excited

  3. I remember watching Bette interview w/Diane Swayer during the 1st leg of KMB. In it she was talking about how big the tour was and that one day she’d like to do something smaller and call it, “The One Dress Tour”.
    This could be it!!!!

  4. She’s definitely doing another show…I asked her at the Liz Smith event and she said she’s not done she’s just enjoying her break drinking rum punches and focusing on NYRP. I also told her we want ANOTHER ALBUM at the picnic 11 days ago 🙂


  5. Please do another tour> maybe you can tour in Murray Ky area some day> would love to see one of your shows in person> not just on TV. Thanks Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon/,,,,this is just a Bette fansite, not Bette herself….but i can relay the message! Thanks for the comment! xx

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