Video: Bette Midler Footage – 1975 – From Bette On The Boards

Mister D: Just very happy that my dear friend, Darrell Redmond from Bette On The Boards has returned back to the World Wide Web in some capacity. I just love him and he’s been a friend to me through thick and thin. So I’m happy to tell you that he has opened his own You Tube Channel, titled of course, Bette On The Boards!

This is the first video that he’s put up and there will be more to come, so check back often! I’ll incorporate a link to his videos in every post so there will be easy access to it. Or bookmark the page! But for now, enjoy this:

Rare footage from: Vegetable Soup – The United Jewish Appeals Telethon – Clams On The Half Shell Revue – Clams On The Half Shell Press Conference – Mr. Words: A Tribute To Ira Gershwin

NOTE — The song listed during the Ira Gershwin tribute is mislabelled. The song actually is in fact “My Cousin In Milwaukee”

Welcome Home Darrell!

Love, Mister D

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8 thoughts on “Video: Bette Midler Footage – 1975 – From Bette On The Boards

  1. Don – thanks for the mention. I’ve had that youtube account for a long time, I just never really utilized it fully since I always put everything on the website. But now I’m throwing up all the old videos that use to be on the website (before somebody else does) so they can still have a viewing audience. And perhaps there will be some new ones in the near future. But I hope everybody continues to enjoy them.

    Thanks for keeping the spirit alive. : )


    1. I’m just glad you’re back and i can’t wait to see what you have in store for us….Much love, Me!

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