Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills stars are HAPPY when Bette Midler calls them ‘spoiled’ on Twitter

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‘Shut the f*** up! This is epic!’: Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills stars are HAPPY when Bette Midler calls them ‘spoiled’ on Twitter
May 24, 2016

Bette Midler is a known Game Of Thrones fan, often tweeting about the series and its many ups and downs.
And on Monday the 70-year-old shared her disappointment with a joke as she revealed that a particularly poignant episode was ruined after she made the mistake of looking at Twitter, describing it as ‘more spoiled than the cast of Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills.’
Little did she know that in tweeting her spoiled evening she had made someone else’s, as RKOBH stars Morgan Stewart and Jonny Drubel could hardly contain their excitement at her acknowledgement.



After spotting the tweet, Morgan, 28, quickly retweeted it on her own account, gushing: ‘Shut the f*** up!!!!!!’


But that wasn’t all, as the newly married reality star then posted the comical tweet yet again, clearly in shock, adding: ‘EPIC!!’
Morgan then called co-star Jonny into the fray, calling attention to the show’s mention as she wrote to him: ‘@JonnyDrubel I’m DYING OVER BETTE.’




And Jonny seemed just as excited, as first he posted on Twitter writing: ‘Um…..@BetteMidler I’ll take that as a shoutout?’
Then he took a screengrab of Bette’s tweet, sharing it on his Instagram with the caption: ‘O-M-G! I’ll take this as a sign that SHE WATCHES? @bettemidler #richkids #Fangirl.’

Then Morgan took to Twitter one last time to post about the share, gushing: ‘When @bettemidler tweets anything having to do with #RKOBH.’


Sunday’s episode of Game Of Thrones – The Door – featured big revelations for a fan-favorite character, as well as stirring plot developments for others.

However, it also concluded in a blood bath following one character’s fatal mistake, which left many fans devastated, and anyone who hadn’t watched it live furious over spoilers.

New episodes of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones air Sundays at 9pm, while Rich Kids of Beverly Hills can be seen the same day on E! at 10pm.

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