At 66, Bette Midler Still Looks Divine!

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The still divine Miss Midler: Bette, 66, is as wrinkle-free as lookalike daughter Sophie, 25, at Paris Couture Week
PUBLISHED: 5 July 2012 | UPDATED: 03:00 EST, 5 July 2012

She has earned a name for herself in show business as the Divine Miss M.

And Bette Midler certainly lived up to the moniker as she sat front row at the Jean Paul Gaultier haute-couture show in Paris on Wednesday.

The diva defied her 66 years with a startlingly wrinkle-free face.

What’s your secret, Bette? The diva was poised, and appeared to wear little more than eyeliner and lipstick

The Beaches star, sitting in the front row, looked effortlessly chic – her platinum hair coiffed, curled and cropped above her ears.

The star was joined by her daughter, 25-year-old Sophie, who appeared delighted to accompany her mother at one of Paris Fashion Week‘s most sensational events.

Preparing for the spectacular runway show to begin, flashbulbs were turned to the entertainer, who appearing to wear little more than eyeliner and lipstick, boasted a fresh and radiant complexion.

Pairing a coral collared short-sleeved shirt with a white pencil skirt and black slingback Louboutins with cutout detail, the star was positively classic.

Taking in the French couturier’s collection, she appeared transfixed, brows furrowed at one point snapping a photo of a model adorned in one of Gaultier’s confections.

The designer this season chose as his muse the former drug addicted musician, Pete Doherty, whom he met during his stint as a Cannes Film Festival jury member this year.

Doherty made his acting debut as a 19th-century figure in a film that was screened at the Riviera event. The movie, ‘Confession of a Child of the Century,’ bowled Gaultier over.

‘I said my god he is so seductive, a decadent dandy,’ said the designer backstage. ‘And that’s my collection.’

Miss M, whose mantle must be sagging now under the weight of her Tony, three Grammys, three Emmys and four Golden Globe Awards, just last month accepted another accolade for her contributions to music during her 40-year career.

The entertainer was on hand at the 43rd Songwriters Hall of Fame induction in Manhattan, where she accepted the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bette joked that she was ‘slapping on her face’ for the star-studded dinner. But again her beauty was effortless in a lady-like lacy teal dress with a matching cardigan and a pair of silver peep-toe pumps.

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